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One of the internet's most comprehensive sites on the near-death phenomenon!

Aftereffects of
Near-Death States

Here you will find the initial discoveries I made about near-death aftereffects. Details are in my various books. The International Association of Near-Death Studies (IANDS) has used this brochure on aftereffects that I devised since 1998. Until now, I have never put this initial research material together all in one place on my own website. It has come to my attention that this needs to be done, hence, this special page.

What you will find here, is a brochure I wrote for IANDS, as well as pdfs for viewing online or easy download including a listing of the common traits that most experiencers display afterward, how our faculties of perception tend to change afterward, a caution about “voices” experiencers can come to hear (whether of the ego or of spirit – and how to tell the difference), the puzzle of synchronicity explained, and tips for child experiencers of near-death states. I hope this general information will be helpful. Thank you, PMH

“Chidren’s Near-Death Experiences”— hosted by the International Association of Near-Death Studies (IANDS)

And for adult experiencers, I recommend:
The IANDS Brochure (pdf)

And be sure to visit the rest of IANDS, as there is a wealth of information there, openly available to each and all.

The charts below show what I discovered in my research, much of it now verified. Please note each one, as they contain invaluable information – for children and adults.

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Do you have electrical sensitivities?

Then you should read this July 2014 back-issue of PMH Atwater’s E-Newsletter dedicated to electrical sensitivity and other anomalies!

Twenty-Seconds Cover

For a book written by an adult near-death experiencer that goes deeply into the full spread of aftereffects, I recommend TWENTY-SECONDS: A TRUE ACCOUNT OF SURVIVAL & HOPE by Robert M. Tremblay; published by Balboa Press, a division of Hay House, 2015. This book is raw. It is honest. It covers what comes afterward in ways I have not seen before. Tremblay, who has HIV/AIDS, reveals the truth about medicine, drugs, the Placebo/Nocebo factor, and what it takes to heal. If I could give him an award for this book, I would. It is stunning! There are many other experiencer books out now, but nothing quite like this one. ~PMH


Integrating near-death experiences is no easy thing, for either adults or children. It takes time. There is now more information available to help you. Read as much as you can. Educate yourself. No matter how inspired your “messages,” how right-on your intuition, how incredible the lift into new realities and a vastly improved perception of the truth of things, it still takes time. Be patient with yourself. Remember, most near-death experiences come from violence or trauma. You have a body to rebuild afterwards and a way of living to start anew. This is both wonderful and terrifying.

NDErs commonly have after-death communication (ADC) experiences with their deceased loved ones during the remainder of their life." In fact, some NDErs become so open, sensitive, and receptive to having ADC experiences that a number of them go on to become professional psychics and mediums (or "psychic mediums")

In my own case, I felt as if I was reading my own story after I read Dune by Frank Herbert and The Lord of the Rings by J. R. R. Tolkien. All of the wars, the clashes of cultures, the journeys into the truth of self and the reality behind all realities that both books described, were exactly how I felt after dying and coming back to life. My life, as I found, overwhelmed me. Picking up the pieces was as daunting as the near-death phenomenon itself.

For reasons I cannot explain, I took the “Litany of Fear” in the Dune book and redid it, molded it to fit my own situation. That “redo” saved my life. It gave me the strength and the confidence I needed to rebuild. I would like to share it with you now, with the hope that my version of the Litany will be helpful to you, too.

The Litany of Fear
by P. M. H. Atwater

Fear is the mind killer.

It is the little death.

I will face my fear.

It will pass over me, around me, and through me,

And when it is gone –

I will remain.

It takes seven to ten years for most adult experiencers of near-death states to integrate their experience. Actually, you wind up “unpacking it” and all it can mean, lifelong. But, it takes child experiencers twenty to forty years to integrate theirs. That’s because children do not integrate the phenomenon – they adjust, they compensate, they ignore or tuck it away. Not until adulthood do they begin to question what happened to them in childhood that altered their growing years. Child experiencers remain different from adult experiencers throughout their life. Don’t listen to anyone who claims integration can be quicker, speeded up, or magically balanced by certain rituals, prayers, energy wands, or by the force of some “advanced” being’s personality. It really does take time. Go back and study again the chart about the Four Stages of Integration. The fourth stage is a “gotcha,” because none of us are prepared for it and no other researcher or experiencer talks about it. There is no magic here, rather, a growing joy at the wonder of it all and a peace, a sense of harmony and purpose, that transcends all else.

Blessings, PMH

Photo: PMH and Robert Tremblay

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For those who are grappling with what some call “psychic abilities” (the expansion of faculties normal to us), and with sudden appearances of disincarnates or those who have died, and other unusual phenomena that may seem unsettling, here is the best book I have found that deals with all of this in a healthy, positive way.
The book, Venturing Inward:  Safe and Unsafe Ways to Explore the Unconscious Mind by Hugh Lynn Cayce, is published by the A.R.E. Press.  Please refer to their section in the Marketplace of this website for more information about the A.R.E.  Topics in the book include hypnosis, meditation, drugs, Ouija boards, and dream interpretation.  Hugh Lynn’s presentations are even-handed, not alarmist, and often draw on the readings of his father, Edgar Cayce.  Above all, he follows Edgar’s admonition that extrasensory powers should never be sought in and of themselves, but instead in the context of an overall spiritual journey to be a more loving and ethical person.   Edgar Cayce, by the way, had a near-death experience at the age of five.  His incredible abilities emerged afterward.  Highly recommended.

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Tick is real, speaks directly to soldiers in a language they can understand, and shows first-hand what heals and helps. Although not aimed at near-death experiencers, per se, the material in this book directly covers the same ground they do and does so powerfully. If you’re a veteran begin here on your path to wholeness. Highly recommended.

Warrior’s Return:  Restoring the Soul After War

by Edward Tick, Ph.D. 

Attention Veterans and Military Personnel

There is virtually no way, no place, no people in the Military where a Veteran can go to talk about a near-death experience, much less the aftereffects.  If they try, they could be labeled psychotic and put on drugs, or lose their benefits.  This situation has reached a crisis point.  Some of the PTSD now reported, and an undeclared number of suicides, can be traced to this conundrum:  once you’ve seen heaven, how can you again arm yourself and kill?
The International Association of Near-Death Studies (IANDS) has created a special program that enables Veterans and Military Personnel to share or talk in private, and receive the encouragement  and understanding they need.  At the national conference in San Antonio, Texas, September of 2015, Veterans’ workshops were held for the very first time.  Turn-out surprised everyone. 
If you are a Veteran or Military Personnel, please contact IANDS at or Col. Diane Corcoran (a retired Army Nurse and current head of IANDS) at  
The regular e-mail address for IANDS central is  Their website is
Thank you, PMH

Books by PMH Atwater that also delve deep into aftereffects: