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One of the internet's most comprehensive sites on the near-death phenomenon!

Christine- "A Child's Near-Death Experience"

I saw on your website that you are interested in hearing about NDE that folks have had. I am a grandmother now, 51 years old. My NDE occurred when i was about 11. I was a selfish child and was a bit messed up. I wrote a suicide note and took a load of pills. I went to sleep and then found myself outside of my body, I was being 'pulled out' and travelling upwards at great speed. It was dark and i came to a stop in front of a beautiful woman. Behind her I could see a hedge with a garden beyond. In the hedge were flowers, huge flowers in colours that we haven't got here on the earth plane. I was at peace, totally alert, my hearing was hypersensitive, I could 'hear' thoughts if you like.The overwhelming love I felt was beyond words, the universe loved me! I wanted to go into the garden but my way was blocked by some invisible force. I 'heard' (sensed?) the beautiful lady speaking to me. 'You have to go back, there is work you must do'. I wanted to stay and was about to object loudly when bang I was back in my body. Of course at this time I didn't know what had happened to me. I spoke about it but folks seemed to think I was a bit weird, so after a while I didn't mention it again. Years later I came upon a book, it was called 'Life after Life' by Raymond Moody. At last there were others who had had similar experiences as me! What I experienced is as fresh today as it was when it happened. The NDE has changed my life. I knew following that that we cannot die, I changed and it has been my life's work to pass on what happened to me to anyone that would listen. I wish everyone could have one NDE then perhaps folks wouldn't want to have wars against each other. Religion is not spirituality and we all are connected, gender, race, sexual orientation, culture just do not matter. The only currency we can take into the afterlife is the deeds we have done. These are the things I learned from my NDE. I believe the job I was sent back to do was to help the bereaved, I find bereaved people gravitate towards me and I am able to give them real information on the afterlife. I feel honoured to do that. I often wondered who the beautiful lady I saw was. In the last few years I have come to accept that perhaps she is my higher self, I don't know but one day I will. May your God or Goddess Bless you.  Sincerely, Christine
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