The Website of PMH AtwaterOne of the internet's most comprehensive sites on the near-death phenomenon!

One of the internet's most comprehensive sites on the near-death phenomenon!

Dan – An End to Addiction

This is my story. I was almost homeless and penniless and was stealing drugs to support my habit. It was a far cry from my youth. I grew up in a wealthy family, my father a attorney, my Grandfather a Famous Major General in the Army, I was destined to be something special.

By my mid-twenties I was already a College Director. An addiction to prescription and street drugs took me away from God and I lost everything. I went to Drug Treatment Centers at least nine times but never could get clean. I was charged with over 15 felony drug charges, as well as, several DUI charges. I had given up on attempts to get clean and sober, I had pretty much given up on life.

I was arrested over two years ago again and was told by substance abuse Doctors and Counselors that I would probably die from the rebound effect (withdrawals) from the 15 years of daily pill abuse, so I prepared to die in jail. On the seventh day in jail, during a seizure, my heart stopped, they found me in my cell, revived me and sent me to the Hospital.

While my heart had stopped, my soul, spirit, or consciousness, did not die. It was amazing! I dealt with many issues during a review of my life and also dealt with my addiction, among other things. It is hard to describe what actually happened but, I have not desired a drug since.

My life has purpose since this spiritual experience. I live a life of surrender to God. My wife and I manage a Retirement Residence and I comfort the suffering and dying. I have spoken twice to groups and have been asked to speak at a prison.

My wife thought this would be a good story, that I might give hope to others. I think it is too. I do not wish to draw much attention to myself, but if it will help people, it is my duty. I have no idea how to write a book and need help. I really can't offer much money only revenues from the book if it sells. Any profits from it are secondary to its purpose of bringing hope.

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