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One of the internet's most comprehensive sites on the near-death phenomenon!

Greg - "A Child's Near-Death Experience"

Out of the murky recesses of memory, I recall without any type of incident or "introduction" the feel of those "footsy" pajamas I wore as a toddler slowly, in child-time and child-steps, climbing a marble-like, translucent stairway which gradually circled to the right. My left hand reached up and slid along the smooth balustrade. In the sky were millions of twinkling light-stars emitting sounds similar to thousands of wind chimes, underscored by choirs of beautiful voices in perfect harmony and unison.
Normally I was a fearful kid, but this was a journey of confidence. I (only hazily) remember being guided by Someone on my right, perhaps more of a Force, or only a partially visible Being. I know I was the only flesh-and-blood human on that lovely stairway.
As it curved around more tightly to the right, I came to a landing. There, on a plain, but throne-like chair sat a feminine entity, a "Good Fairy," as perceived in my child-mind. She was in a dress sort of like the Good Witch in "The Wizard of Oz" but without any crown, and rather than pink, she wore a shimmering gown with a bluish-white cast to it. She also didn't carry any magic wand!
The Fairy/Angel/Being took me on her lap, and I recall about six Beings standing in a half-circle to my side, her front. My attention was focused on her, however. They played no conscious part in my experience.
We talked for a few minutes, about what I don't think I ever knew, just it being a pleasant experience. Then, for a forgotten or never known, reason, I had to leave. With her assistance, I slid off her lap with no urge of wanting to linger. I felt complete, wonderful and loved. And with my right hand on the railing, after a few steps down, I just seemed to dissipate, this memory joining into the fragmented memories of a normal childhood. And I remember nothing else of the strange, yet very real, experience.
As I mentioned, I always believed it it be an intense, colorful, childhood dream that was continually in the forefront of my mind, kind of like a song you can't get out of your head. As I grew up, I was drawn, more so than any of my friends, to spiritual things, especially things to do with heaven, but never making a connection to my always-conscious "dream."
Years and years later, as an adult, I was told in the course of discussing family history, that my grandmother, who lived with us for the first few years of my life, had to be institutionalized* after she began exhibiting bizarre behaviors. She had threatened my mother (her daughter) out of the blue one day with a large knife; one morning my dad found her frying eggs -- still in the carton! And early one evening my mom heard a commotion from my room and found her mother trying to suffocate me with a pillow in my crib! Fortunately, a pediatric resident (at the University of Kansas Medical Center) lived across the street, happened to be home, was summoned by my frantic mom and revived me. The blueness left my face and was replaced with a healthy pink glow.
My grandmother wasn't so lucky -- she no doubt had Alzheimer's Disease, although the term wasn't known then, she was deemed a threat to our safety, and, still a Colorado resident was sent to live the last two years of her life at the Colorado State Hospital in Pueblo, CO (where she died).
The missing piece to my puzzle of what had happened to me was finally solved... I'd had a brief, childhood NDE, and have longed to return to that wonderful place all my life. Many times I've felt "homesick" while sitting in my home! But I take comfort in the knowledge that this is not my real home, someday I'll be able to reach the top of that beautiful staircase and step into the Land where Love has it's Eternal Day...
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