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One of the internet's most comprehensive sites on the near-death phenomenon!

Gudrun - "Come walk with me"

I am glad that I have someone I can tell my experience to, as it has haunted me for more than 15 years.
I was living in Greece when it happened. While there, I frequently visited an elderly relative who had in her living room a large picture of Christ walking with two disciples in the forest. One could only see the figures from the back. The picture was titled "Way to Emmaus." She used to grow ivy all around it and I remember thinking: how tacky....
In August 1985 I had to have gallbladder surgery, also in Greece. I "awakened" from the anesthesia in a room which I presume was the "recovery" room, quite primitive. I was in there by myself, no other patients, just two nurses. There was a large clock on the wall and it said the time was 1:20 pm. I was awake but I was very heavy and I could not breathe. For a moment it panicked me and then suddenly I no longer had the need to breathe. I saw the picture I had previously described come alive. He was walking with His two disciples and I wanted to go with them. He suddenly turned around and with his finger motioned to me to come to Him. I was thinking "Yes, wait for me, I am coming" I felt euphoric.
I was not breathing and I heard a nurse say in Greek: She is turning blue....I felt an oxygen mask on my nose. I struggled, I did not want it. I wanted to go to where I was beckoned to come - I felt angry that they brought me back.
This experience scared me so much that I was not able to talk about it to anyone for a long time. Finally, I asked a Greek priest here in town what he thought. Was I to die at that moment? He replied that if it was a nice experience I should not worry about it.
About 3 years later I mentioned it to a Catholic Father and told him how scared I was that maybe I had cheated death. He said to me: "Have you ever thought that He meant to say: Come walk with me?" This did make sense, and I am convinced He wanted to tell me to believe in Him and walk with Him. I am trying to do that, and I just wanted to share this experience with someone who has more knowledge about these things.
I have had anesthesia since and it has never happened again. I now believe, however, that there is someone out there looking out for us.
I know my near-death experience's helped me to be less fearful of death (although I am by no means ready). And I think I have become more accepting of others and their idiosyncrasies. Why my experience was a religious one I cannot answer. Others have explained it by saying I had too much anesthesia. However, I know for a fact that my mind was clear, I remember all the details, so I know I was not "still under".
Thank you so much for letting me share my experience. G. Parker
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