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One of the internet's most comprehensive sites on the near-death phenomenon!

Jeffrey - Childhood Distressing NDE

This case will be hard to read. It is of a twelve-year-old boy who was shot by an older brother, died, and had a hellish/distressing near-death experience. The public is accustomed to reading only about heavenly, loving near-death experiences. Sorry, but they're not all that way. Some can be terrifying, even for children. I want to thank Jeffrey for the courage it took him to first hunt me down, and then detail his story. He gave me permission to pass his story on to you. Notice as you read it about the black mass that kept trying to take over him, devour him, claim him, then how that terror changed when he asked for God's help. The is not the first time I've heard experiencers describe a black mass trying to attack them or oozing up from the ground to chase them. The next morning he awoke to glowing light before anyone opened the shades for the morning light to come in. He could suddenly see a glow around everything and everything, and there was no more pain. The spleen he lost recreated itself - apparently he is one of fifty such cases in medical history when an organ did that. He demonstrates many of the typical aftereffects of a near-death experience, although still haunted to this day by what happened to him and what he saw. I suspect much of this will disappear now that he has told his story and reclaimed his experience. There's something about not only telling your story but writing it down, "Making Your Book," so to speak, that heals and cleans and clears and validates. I encourage anyone who has had a near-death experience to "Make Your Book." Claim it. Write it down. Validate what happened to you. You can. When you make it yours, it morphs into a change agent that heals and helps you as nothing else can. This case is important for many reasons - especially for how it illustrates that children can face the same extremes of emotion and response that adults do. ~PMH

Jerron - I am dead aren't I?

There are people who experience the near-death phenomenon during their sleep. Not like a dream, these episodes are unusually vivid and real, and are followed by a range of aftereffects that matches the more familiar type of near-death experience. Those I have investigated like this occurred on that edge between what could have been a health problem and/or an alert to avoid one.

Below is the case of Jerron McClindon, one of those that seems as if a dream. Read it carefully. Jerron was under the impression that one had to encounter a tunnel in order to claim they had a near-death experience. Since most people do not have tunnels in their episode (contrary to the popular press who sensationalized the idea, thus creating a tunnel myth), to expect "a tunnel" to establish validity is way off base. Some people do experience them, most do not. ~PMH

Jennifer - Suicide

This case is from an attempted suicide. Note what happened afterward and how Jennifer changed her way of thinking and living. Also note how positive her suicide episode has become for her and how she now feels she has a purpose. ~PMH

Leah - Three Generations

Leah had a near-death experience at the age of eleven that forever changed her. She had severe asthma, was hospitalized, but the charge nurse gave her the wrong dose of the medicine she was to have. In reading through her story, notice that she covers three generations: her own experience as a child, what happened when one of her twin boys was about to die and the poem he created before his death, and the unusual nature of her grandson. This offering is a rare opportunity for us to follow the generations and see how traits, ideals, and understandings expand with each subsequent member. Notice that Leah's near-death experience at eleven was actually dark and troubling; yet in a most incredible way, that experience turned out to be incredibly positive in how it prepared her for her life to come. A suspicion here is, had she been taken to a therapist for counseling, the reverse could have occurred. I learned during the early years of my research that a frightening experience is not necessarily negative, nor is a heavenly experience necessarily positive. It all depends on the experiencer and how he or she responds. ~PMH
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