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One of the internet's most comprehensive sites on the near-death phenomenon!

Robin - "My Childhood NDE"

The Setting where my NDE took place: My Father, Brother and I were in the woods right next to the Monongahela River not far from a town called Elizabeth, PA.  My brother and I were doing what we called double headers on a Rope Swing. When my brother came back to where I was standing, and would grab his legs, and go out on the Rope Swing with him together.  During about roughly the 5th instance of doing a double header with Brother, Tim (My Brother) did not have a good enough grip on the Rope. He tried to hold on to the Rope but could not. We were roughly 20 to 25 feet up in the Air when Tim lost his grip on the rope completely. We proceeded to fall onto a hard ground below, and needless to say my brother who is 3 years older than me, and heavier than me, slammed down on my Chest and literally knocked the Life out of me as I was the first to hit the ground because I was below him on the Rope Swing. Being Launched into the Light: I immediately went to the same place that Mrs. Atwater described during your 3rd Near Death Experience. I hurled through The Light, and I was greeted by a man (which I now believe is my Guardian Angel of Sorts). The Man and I walked to a Group of people (Although I did not feel the weight of myself as I was moving). As you know, I do not need to say much about the feeling itself while taking the journey to meet with these Group of People. Magnificent, Incredible, can't come close to describing the feeling on the Other Side. To this day, nothing on this Earth has come close this feeling. The Colors that I saw were so beautiful that they are indescribable in words, the Sounds and the Music that I heard were overwhelmingly beautiful, also. I met with the Group of People, and they asked me several questions. They showed me my Father at the time who was in state of panic back on Earth (Much like the Flat TV Screen that you described during the Show). They asked me if I wanted to go back to my Father on Earth, and I told the Group "No I want to stay here with you". The group discussed what I perceived as the current circumstances, and I believe that they judged my father during this conversation as well. There was a Lady in the Group who told me "Robin, we have decided that you need to go back to your Father".  I pleaded with the Group to let me stay with them. I tried to make several excuses for describing the overwhelming feeling of being, and of wanting to stay with them. However, they told me that my Father was waiting form me. The next, thing I knew, I had a feeling of falling, and I was yelling "No, No, I want to Stay Here". When I came to consciousness, and first gained my sight back on Earth, I saw my Father looking down at me with Tears in his Eyes. The very first words that came out of my mouth were "Dad, why did you wake me up from such a beautiful dream, I want to go back to my dream".  My Near Death Experience happened during the middle of a Bright Sunny Day. I was on the Other Side for roughly 4 to 5 minutes. The intensity of time seemed to be longer than 4 minutes as it relates to the events on the Other Side when compared to how long I was dead on Earth. I got up and walked away from my NDE without any Physical Injury. Within a few hours of my Parents and Relatives checking me out for any physical problems, I was back outside playing with my brother again. This is one facet of my NDE that we all find perplexing to this very day. No Bruised or Broken Ribs, No Headache, etc. After my Near Death Experience:  Since my Near Death Experience, I have only met one other person who had close to the Euphoric Experience (Being with God) of being on the Other Side. The Woman whom I met is named Margaret, and she and her family owns a Restaurant in Berkley Springs, West Virginia called: Maria's Garden. When I met with Margaret, it was almost like we were telepathic. One major point during my conversation with Margaret that practically brought me to tears was her feeling of Longing to the fact that she wanted to stay on the Other Side, also. I have had this feeling practically all of my life, also.  However, I know that I was sent back to Earth because of the Love of my Father who is an Extraordinary Man. And I know that I came back to do Basic Good for other people, also. Margaret is leading a wonderful life with her family, and I could tell that she is in very close touch with Christ and Mother Mary. The way you described your Moralistic Approach of knowing what is right and wrong is in Exact Tune with my knowledge of Moralistic Behavior. I never needed to learn it through Religion, although I am a Catholic, served as an Alter Boy, and worked at the Rectory and Saint Pius the X church in Bowie, Maryland for several years. I have been to several Funerals since my NDE, and I have been able to offer a very positive perspective to the close family members who are grieving for the loss of a Loved One. Sometimes, I am asked why I am not crying or grieving at their funerals. I simply reply "I know where the Loved One is, and He or She is no longer suffering. He or She is in a place of complete love, contentment and bliss now." At Catholic Funerals I point out to the Grieving Loved Ones that it is not an accident that the Priest is wearing "White" which represents the Joy of the Loved One moving on to this place of Light, instead of the Priest wearing "Purple" which represents sorrow and grief. Thank you, for going on George's show. You answered many things that were puzzling me about myself which are outside of the Normal Realms of the human population in general like how easy it was for me to become a member of the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society when I was going to college. I have spent 10 years in the US Army, I have worked for an Intelligence Agency at Fort Meade, and I have worked at a Multi-Satellite Operations Control Center for NASA in Greenbelt, Maryland so far during my career. Now, I am working in the field of Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimization. My Clients range from a Medical Company who manufactures Antimicrobial Wound Dressings that Eliminate MRSA Bacteria in Surface Wounds, to a Company that creates Custom Memorials that is based in Memphis, TN where I am currently living here on Earth who manufactures Cemetery Headstones and Memorials for Loved Ones. It is no accident that I have been given the gift to help people who are suffering on this Earth by leading them to a website that offers them accelerated healing, pain reduction, and complete antibacterial protection. The Testimonials that I see coming from these people who have gotten great relief from ailments such as Non-Healing Chronic Wounds to Dermal Ulcers lets me know that I am doing what the Group on the Other Side has intended for me to do, and that I am on track with regard to my life's work since my NDE.   Thank you and God Bless You, Robin

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