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One of the internet's most comprehensive sites on the near-death phenomenon!

Maire - "A Hellish Near-Death Experience"

I had a near death experience in 1995. I was in a complete and total hell for 5 days.
I was in the worse places and not just one ....more like many experiences all of them equally as terrifying. From deformed, disfigured naked people in vat-like containers, to hospitals, to parties where kids were dying from drug overdose's and dark, evil places that seemed to never end.
I didn't have a choice to go back, I didn't have a light to go to, nor did Jesus or any dead relatives come to me. I was a Catholic religion teacher at the time too.
I really didn't believe in the storybook near-death experiences because my own was so horrendous. It wasn't until I got your book that I realized I was not alone in the hell like experience I had. I finally was looking into a candle flame and knew if I didn't keep my eyes open to look at it that it would go out and I wouldn't exist anymore. I remember struggling to keep my eyes on the little flame. Also my brother had just died 6 months before and I heard his voice say "Get your ass back in there." I think that's when I woke up. I also saw a girl about 12 with vivid red hair and crystal green eyes with a baby next to her. Were those angels?
I also think I astro-planed to the middle east and France. I never realized what that was until reading about it and realizing I knew what the morning prayers in the middle east were cause I was there. Is that possible?
I was thinking I should be hypnotized to remember more of it to learn about where exactly I was and what it all meant. I am also taking a 2 year class with Carolyn Myss and Sonia Choquette's Psychic University so I am deepening my spiritual learning and developing my intuitive skills.
I never felt sorry for myself for going through it, nor did I come out and feel my life transformed by it. It was a difficult road back to feeling somewhat normal again, but I had two young children to bring up who needed me.
I do think I am more intuitive and also feel I have broken from my tribal (family) values. I am not caught up the drama of life, I see it in black and white almost without any emotion anymore. I wonder if I am just more detached from life.
I don't want to give you the wrong impression here ...I laugh a lot! I am pretty funny and authentic. Not at all depressed. I just don't see the need to be sad, although I do cry at sad movies.
I think about it a lot lately whereas before I mostly tried to push it out of my conscious mind. Now that I am in my classes I feel there is more for me to learn from that experience and want to know how I would go about doing that.
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