The Website of PMH AtwaterOne of the internet's most comprehensive sites on the near-death phenomenon!

One of the internet's most comprehensive sites on the near-death phenomenon!

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Have you ever heard about the Pentagon's War Room? Well, there is now forming an official PEACE ROOM. Presided over by Scott Jones, a friend of mine, this project already has its tax-exempt status, vision statement, and ambitious plans to make a difference in the world. Check it out, then e-mail Scott about any suggestions or ideas you may have (his e-mail address is on the website):

Concerning The Near-Death Experience:

The Fellowship of the Inner Light in Virginia Beach, VA has made videos of near-death experiencers, as well as other interesting people, who spoke during various church services. The videos of experiencers you may want to watch, are tagged: Ken Prather, Stephen Redding, Chris Russell, Barbara Harris Whitfield, Reuben Beckham, Lori Biechler, Hazel Casell, Nanci Danison, and myself. Enjoy.

17 Near-Death Experience Accounts (book excerpts)

Afterlife Bookstore (variety)

As concerns death and dying, this site is devoted to changing the way you feel about grief and loss. They do carry some near-death experiencer testimonials.

P.M.H.Atwater, L.H.D., Ph.D. (Hon.) (researcher) - my three NDEs are on:

The website of Mellen-Thomas Benedict:

The remarkable near-death experience of Mellen-Thomas Benedict - brief version originally published in my book BEYOND THE LIGHT

Biblical Defense of the Near-Death Experience

Bibliography on Near-Death Experiences (variety)

Dannion Brinkley - Near-Death Experiences (experiencer)

This is a very long story of how a suicide/near-death experience changed a woman’s life, and the ups and downs that came after.
Death is Just a Four Letter Word

Changing the Face of Death - special training for volunteers interested in hospice work and related issues (group)

Chicago IANDS (experiencer group)

Christian Research Institute Journal (article)

Entitled "Death is an Illusion," this website presents evidence and philosophical comments
backing up the premise that death does not end life.

A most interesting book, "My Last Breath," by Matthew D. Dovel, who had two near-death experiences - one of them in the light-filled realms and one of them in what he calls hell.

Betty J. Eadie - Embraced By The Light (experiencer)

This online Encyclopedia of Death and Dying is the best general discussion/reference work on the subject I have yet seen. They have an interesting section on Near-Death Experiences. Worth exploring.

Future Talk - Cutting-Edge Ideas from a Broad Range of Guests via Radio
Thanks to Zoh Hieronimus and the "Future Talk" show.

Diane Goble - Beyond the Veil (experiencer)
A website that is most incredible, a font of information on near-death, death & dying, and out-of-body experiences.

Original art, writings, and photography by Nancy Harding (experiencer)

A new website for Bereaved Moms and Dads is now up and running. It is a testimonial to all the children (of any age) whose Moms and Dads miss them, as well as a tribute to Carrie Ann Smith, the daughter of Natalie Smith-Blakeslee. If you are a Bereaved Mom or Dad, and wish to take part in the services offered from this new website, contact Natalie Smith-Blakeslee at: Natalie is a near-death experiencer who later became a medium and a hospice volunteer. She has actively bridged the span between this world and the next for years, then, her daughter Carrie passed away last year at the age of 27. Even with her background and her second sight, the loss of her daughter was difficult for Natalie to handle. Now, after coming to terms with her grief and being "visited" by Carrie, she is able to bring a depth of love and understanding like never before, to everything she does and to everyone she touches. A welcome and needed service. 

International Association For Near-Death Studies (variety)

Ketamine Induced Near-Death Experience (article)

Pam Kircher, medical doctor who is a child experiencer of a near-death state,
has this new website that describes her work and the talks she gives.

Lee Lawson has written a book called "Visitations from the Afterlife: True Stories of Love and Healing." Her website discusses this and issues pertinent to her book.

"M" had three near-death experiences. This website contains his story, along with before and after, and it is well worth reading.

New Nancy Maier is part of my original research base in my study of near-death experiencers.
She was exceptional then, now, more so. Her website is both deep and delightful
– she as an accomplished artist with a way of involving others in her art and mandalas –
and with her stories and articles about her own experience, life itself, and transformations. 
Please check out   Highly recommended. 

The unique angel paintings of NDEr Gwen Mangum. Copies can be ordered.(experiencer)

Gwen Mangum also has a Yahoo group called "AngelWork" that all are welcome to join at:

Laurelynn Martin - SEARCHING FOR HOME (experiencer)

Lazarus Retreats – special opportunities held in various places worldwide which focus on death and dying and the hereafter.

Siobhan McQuaile in Dublin, Ireland. (experiencer)
Some parts of the site may not display properly, but what you can access is fascinating.

Mode: Near-Death Experience (variety)

Bruce Moen's Afterlife Knowledge

J. R. Mondie - Death Makes You Think (experiencer)

Raymond A. Moody, Jr., M.D. (researcher)

Melvin Morse, M.D. (researcher)

"Mortology" may seem like a strange word, but this in indeed a valid site for exploring the topic of death and dying in a positive way.

In the Spring of 2006, the first Spiritual Retreat for Experiencers of the Near-Death Phenomenon was held near St. Louis, MO. It was so successful, that the group who went formed the "Fireflies Clan" afterward and have remained in touch. This is their website. They invite anyone to visit them, to share, to join with them in the inspiration of sacred truth and caring.

Near-Death and Out-of-Body Experiences (another culture)

NearDeath Near-Death Experience (variety)

Near-Death Experience Chat Room (chat)

The NDE Paradigm Project - an exploration of the state of consciousness most near-death experiencers have afterward. Viewers are invited to submit their own opinions/feelings by submitting articles for posting.

Near-Death Experience Research Foundation (variety)

Near-Death Experiences and the Afterlife

Near-Death Information (variety)

For an overview of what is happening regarding the near-death phenomenon in Europe:

New is a website dedicated to the NDE stories. The system is UK based but publishes NDE stories of NDErs from all over the world. The mission of the website is to spread the NDE stories and message to the world.

Fascinating website of Rev. Juliet Nightingale with Toward The Light - a near-death experiencer, musician, writer and IANDS facilitator in Boston, Massachusetts:

Near-Death Experience of David Oakford. The full account: his experiences with drugs, the nightmares, death and rebirth.

Open Directory - Near-Death Experiences (variety)

OpenHere - Near-Death Experiences (variety)

Ken Prather survived a horrible beating, then had a near-death experience. He uses a wheelchair but he can walk. He has devoted himself to helping others heal and is engaged in hospice and adult daycare for the elderly and disabled. He is love personified, a wounded healer who illuminates the truth of life. His website is:

Jan Price Near-Death Experience (experiencer)

The miraculous recovery of 10-year-old Denise, after her death and near-death experience, inspired her father to write a book about his daughter and the effect she had on everyone who knew her, including relatives and people in her church who were not comfortable with the "new" Denise. The book is "Possibilities. . . Lessons from the Spirit," and it can be obtained from this website,

Source for more information about the near-death experience and other related matters.

Dr. George Ritchie - Near-Death Experience (experiencer)

Seattle IANDS (experiencer group)

Skeptic's Dictionary - Near-Death Experiences (variety)

Some Thoughts About Reincarnation

Jayne Smith - Near-Death Experience (experiencer)

The passion of SpiritPainter is to share with others a more open and honest view of spirituality and things religious, through the lens of cartoons - all of them adorable - and all of them called "Sacred Cows." His work is exceptional. Website:

"The Stars Still Shine: An Afterlife Journey" (experiencer)

Steve's NDE (experiencer)

Thoughtful Living (on the meaning of NDEs)

Joanie Thurston's "death" is a real tear-jerker, her body so shattered it is beyond belief that she survived, let alone that she had a near-death experience. Joanie has finally written about what happened to her in the book POSSIBLE FATAL. For more information about the book, please refer to her website at

Toronto-Ontario-Canada Friends of IANDS (experiencer group)

Mark Macy's World ITC web site - an excellent source of information about research of the afterlife, spirit communications, and after-death realities.

Victor Zammit, a retired lawyer in Australia, publishes an very well done and interesting e-newsletter about life and death issues, spirituality, and the unseen worlds. Highly recommended.

Other Important Websites:

After-Death Communications - Hello From Heaven (ADC)

Association For Research And Enlightenment (spiritual)

Free online course in Astral Travel, and has Astral chat, forums and articles on Astral Projection, Out of body experiences and lucid dreaming.

Apparently, after-death communications with those who have passed on can be induced through a technique called "Rapid Eye Treatments." This is no "New Age fad" but a serious way to deal with grief and other unresolved issues concerning death and near-death. Psychologist Al Botkin in Chicago hasÊadapted the technique for this particular use, and with amazing success. His website is:

One of the greatest authorities on dreams on our planet is Robert Van de Castle, Ph.D., author of "Our Dreaming Mind." He has finally established a website - a must visit at

Near-Death Experiencers and others like them come to have more vivid, intense dreams after their episode. This is a good website for exploring dream imagery.
Interpret Dreams - Free dream interpretation, dream dictionary symbols and lucid dreaming resources.

Compassion-In-Action - Dannion Brinkley (service)

Metaphysical essays and insight from writer Alexis Brooks

Multi-dimensional Music from Jacotte Chollet, M.A., for healing, wholeness, and spiritual growth:

To connect with a non-commercial, informal discussion group about
out-of-body travel, lucid dreaming, and other like topics, access:

E-books for free: an interesting way to read books about near-death experiences and other extraordinary topics

The Foundation for Mind-Being Research (service)

There is no greater authority on death and dying, in my opinion, than Elisabeth Kubler-Ross.
Here is her website, as much a treasure as she is:

Read my blog
for this website:

Penny Peirce teaches people about "skillful perception," in helping them reframe ordinary topics in a way where they can "see through" into underlying universal truths and patterns - an advanced use of intuition.

Turning grief into soulful learning is the subject of Rondi Lightmark's website.
A special feature is her section on "Mystical Photos." Highly recommended.


Perelandra Center for Nature Research (nature intelligences)

Diane K. Pike/Arleen Lorrance - Teleos Institute (spiritual)

Quest Bookshop - mail order online

The Readers Circle is a truly non-profit readers club which currently handles over 100,000 inquiries annually. They exist to further a love of reading – and all that wonderful questioning and discussing and sharing which can follow a good read. Especially now when our economy is hitting publishers, bookstores, and authors really hard, this is one way to get good news out and keep the fire of inspiration glowing. Norman Hicks is the CEO. His phone is (310) 746-8580; Website:

Linda Redford - The Adawee Teachings (school/service)

One of the finest websites currently existing on the development and exploration of intuition.
It is run by Henry Reed, Ph.D., author of "The Intuitive Heart."

And this is Dr. Reed's newest web site:

And Dr. Reed's personal website He will share this intuituive process of life change at a conference at the Edgar Cayce Center in Virginia Beach September 24, 2004: "Trailblazing: An Intuitive Approach to Making Life Changes."

Dan Rhema - Visionary Art (art)

A wonderful, blessed, motivation website that will help you to feel better about yourself and the life you live.

A special documentary on "Reincarnation in America." Quite an incredible piece of work you may want to investigate.

Walter Russell, University of Science & Philosophy (experiencer)

Sancta Sophia Seminary - Rev. Carol Parrish-Harra (experiencer)

Sav-Baby of Texas - Donna DeSoto (experiencer)

Spiritual Media Blog is a source of information and reviews about the new emerging spiritual consciousness and how it is portrayed in movies, TV shows, books, music, and the media. Well worth visiting.

Here is a website where spiritual stories can be shared and enjoyed. If you
can skip past all the google ads for psychic "diversions," the rest is worth
reading..... .

TASTE Journal by Dr. Charles T. Tart - Archive of Scientists' Transcendent Experiences

The Temple of Understanding is rightfully called a "Spiritual United Nations." Their active website promotes dialogue, projects, and understanding between the world's various religious orders.

Lotus Wilkerson is an inspired artist who specializes in paintings of angels.
You may find her work of comfort and an inspiration.

3.2 years Life Cycles in Time and Synchronicity Coincidences:
Insight in your course of life through life cycles and repetitive coincidences.

Virginia Beach IANDS now has their own website for near-death phenomenon material:

Veriditas - Worldwide Labyrinth Project (labyrinths)



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