The Website of PMH AtwaterOne of the internet's most comprehensive sites on the near-death phenomenon!

One of the internet's most comprehensive sites on the near-death phenomenon!

Readings and Consultations
by P.M.H. Atwater

"P.M.H.Atwater has done four castings for me over the past three and a half years. In all four castings I found her interpretations to be forthright, accurate and genuine. It was through her interpretations of the rune castings that I took a chance and embarked upon many creative endeavors. I started my own business and tried to maintain an active a life as possible for me considering my physical limitations. She helped lift the blinders off my eyes and way of thinking. She reaffirmed life, living, and the pursuit of activities that utilized my innate sense of color, style, and designs. She pointed the way. I took the path.

"One example of her psychic proclivity was a warning against injuries during a certain month. Since a protracted period of time had elapsed since the casting, I had almost forgotten the warning until I found myself on the floor of a drug store. It was the exact month and the exact area of my body that she foresaw.
. . . Pat Papachristos, Castro Valley, CA

"Thank you for an extremely invaluable session. I can tell you I actually had a physical and emotional healing as you spoke about my school situation, after we hung up I set down and cried. I now know what I need to do and have the presence of mind to do it."
...from Anell Tubbs of Boise, Idaho on her personal rune casting.

How do I order a consultation?

accept PayPal payment service for online orders!

Readings by Dr. Atwater can be ordered here via the PayPal service (or by regular mail with a money order or check) and are completed either over the telephone and/or via audio tape. Charts and/or tapes are then delivered via regular mail. Countries other than the US will have extra shipping and handling included in the amount of the order.

Personal Consultations and Readings
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Sessions for the Soul
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Rune Casting

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Rune Casting
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Consultations can take the form of a personal telephone session with Dr. Atwater arranged by either phone or e-mail appointment. Two-way recordings of your session on audio cassette tapes can also be ordered. Please note: This is not an 900 call-in line nor a free 800 number. All regular or long-distance phone charges for appointments and/or sessions will be added (as any normal call would) to your monthly phone bill.

Readings can be ordered directly from this website (with paypal) or via regular mail... Just send the the requested information and if you haven't already paid via Pay Pal, include a money order (preferred), or personal check - in U.S. funds only - payable to P.M.H. Atwater. (Personal checks must clear the bank before orders are completed.)

Please refer to the events schedule before arranging for a session and allow about 6 weeks for delivery of audio tapes. Money will be returned if Dr. Atwater is unable to fill your request within a reasonable time. When you call to arrange for your reading, please call before 10 pm or after 9 am Eastern Time.

About my Fees.

"Originally, monies received from the personal consultations I gave were earmarked for research, including the six and a half years I worked on the nation's largest psychic-counselors 900-line. Without that source of funding I could never have continued with my work. Today, what began for the good of research has evolved into a path of service, a way for me to pass along the gift of love and caring God so generously provides. The avenues I use are astrology, numerology, and rune casting. Both astrology and numerology portray our many talents and weaknesses with clarity... while astrology highlights habit patterns and timing effectively, numerology gives one an opportunity to see more clearly the big picture, like a theme to the life, a rhythm to what drives us. It is possible to combine them in a double reading. Rune casting is wonderful for immediate concerns and questions, as it enables me to get right to the point quickly. With "Sessions for the Soul," the magic of rune casting expands to include major life issues on a learning level -- the path of the soul. All of my consultations are preceded by prayer and meditation, as my goal is always to provide information that honors freedom of choice while celebrating the divinity we each share in God's Greater Truth." --PMH