The Website of PMH AtwaterOne of the internet's most comprehensive sites on the near-death phenomenon!

One of the internet's most comprehensive sites on the near-death phenomenon!

International Association
For Near-Death Studies

IANDS exists as an organization to impart knowledge concerning near-death experiences and their implications, to encourage and support research dealing with the experience and related phenomena, and to aid people in starting local groups which desire to explore the subject. They have numerous publications, among them the scholarly Journal Of Near-Death Studies, a general-interest newsletter, and various brochures and materials. Membership in this non-profit organization is open to anyone; dues are annual and include various benefits.

Donations to cover operating expenses are always needed and always welcome, especially for the NDE RESEARCH FUND. Audiocassette tapes of IANDS conference speakers are available. Ask for their list of national and international chapters (Friends of IANDS) should you be interested in attending any of them. Individual reports about near-death episodes are solicited for the archives; you will need to fill out a form, so please ask for one.

Contact: International Association For Near-Death Studies 2741 Campus Walk Avenue, #500 Durham, NC 27705-8878 (919) 383-7940 voice/fax, website You can join immediately via the website should you choose to, and/or purchase journals, audiocassettes, and so forth, while "on-line."



Experiencing History: DVDs from IANDS 2006 conference now available

In a milestone event in the history of near-death studies, NDE researchers from around the globe gathered last fall at the prestigious University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas, to offer a 30-year overview of NDE research. The presentations by leading researchers from the first two days of the IANDS conference are now available on eleven DVDs and can be ordered at .

These DVDs will let you experience the conference as if you were there - or re-experience it if you attended. You will see and hear leading researchers such as Peter Fenwick, Penny Sartori, and Alan Kellehear from the UK; Cherie Sutherland from Australia; Pim Van Lommel from the Netherlands; and Bruce Greyson, Jan Holden and other "names" in research in the United States. The topics covered range from Explanatory Models for NDEs to Veridical Perception (out-of-body experiences) to NDEs Across Cultures. These DVDs will provide you with the state-of-the-art in NDE research: what we know today and where the research is headed in the future.

Whether you purchase individual presentations or the entire set, these DVDs mark an historic milestone, and we hope you will find them valuable.

Sincerely, Yolaine Stout IANDS President 


1998 letter
Call for donations and memberships

Dear Friend,

We in IANDS have remained faithful for over fifteen years in our pursuit of a better understanding of NDE's. We do so because we need to, and in part because we are asked to.

Last year your membership in the Association directly helped some 700 people who came to IANDS in search of information they had found nowhere else. They wrote, visited our home page or called from countries as diverse as the Ukraine and Wales, Czech Republic, and Korea, asking for answers to questions, what they could read, where to find someone to talk to. Whether they came looking for data or reassurance, it we here at IANDS that they touched ground.

With your support last year, the central office worked with numerous interviewers from TV, radio, and the print media, suggesting non-sensational program focus, offering ideas and the names of people they could contact, sending press kits, answering questions. We did several on-camera interviews here and others elsewhere; a talley of Board member public appearances would run close to 100. That's a lot of folks you helped last year.

IANDS people have a sense of mission. A number of years ago, a woman called to say that since her NDE she had been troubled by a pressing sense of mission. "The trouble is, " she lamented,"I Don't know what my mission is. Can you tell me?" I was sorry not to be able to do that for her. Now, though, I can suggest part of yours for the coming year.

Renew your membership! Please. A lot of people are counting on you.


All my best,

Diane K. Corcoran, Ph.D.

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