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One of the internet's most comprehensive sites on the near-death phenomenon!

Mulligan: Two Aspirins and a Shower Near Death Experience

My temperature was high, about 101 (but it would get much higher).
My ankles ached and I felt stiffness all over.
Eventually I was told to get into some sort of vehicle with some others and taken to the Upper Respiratory Illness Ward (URI). There I again had my temperature taken with those who arrived with me.
I don’t remember eating breakfast, lunch, or dinner. But maybe one of those was brought to the ward (an old yellow barracks of WWII vintage).
At some point, I and the others lined up and had our temperatures taken again in an “office area”. My temperature was 106 degrees. I was told to take two aspirin and take a cold shower. This I did.
The next thing I remember was that I was in the “office” area. That is, where I had had my temperature taken and recorded. There was no one there. I had a horrendous headache. I stood next to the wall and hit my head on the wall and moaned. I didn’t know it at the time, but I was in an advanced stage of Bacterial Meningitis. The bacteria causes the infection and swelling of the linings of the: joints, spinal column, brain, etc. Thus, I had a “horrendous headache” as a result of linings of my brain swelling.
I did not stop hitting my head on the wall. At some point, my head “felt” better. That is, I was going numb and going into a coma. I remember that someone came and told me to go back to bed. I said, “ok,’ but I did not move. Someone guided back to my bed, helped me lay down, lifted my feet onto the bed, and covered me.
I have the vague impression of people coming and taking me to the hospital. When I was at the hospital, there were people around me. I don’t know how many, maybe 4 or 5 trying to get me on the hospital table to take a spinal tap. I was not co-operative. The medical team tried to get me into a position for a spinal tap. The spinal tap is given by bending the person, chest to knees. However, meningitis arches the back in the opposite direction as a result of the swelling. Therefore a spinal tap would have been very painful.
I popped out of body – Serenity. I didn’t feel anything.
I looked down – someone on the medical team said it was really going to hurt. I wondered why it didn’t hurt.
I don’t remember seeing the needle. I was being pushed and pulled for the spinal tap…so I was disoriented as to where I was in relation to my body.
I sensed my Spiritual Guide.
I said (not verbally) to my spiritual guide, “Who are you?”
My Spiritual Guide answered, “Don’t you remember me? I’ve always been with you. I used to play with you.”
I replied, “Why don’t I remember you? Why am I up here?”
My Spiritual Guide replied, “If you were down there, it would be very painful.”
I agreed.
The Guide suggested we go toward the light. I indicated I didn’t want to leave my current life. Again, my Guide suggested we go toward the light. I again indicated that I didn’t want to leave my current life. Later it became apparent that I should have gone to the light.
The guide indicated, “So….come this way….We’ll go this way first.” I agreed. We left before they took the spinal tap.
I followed. It got darker, fuzzier, like a fog.
My Near Death Experience (NDE), at this point for me became more and more of an effort. My NDE did turn positive, but first came this part.
Therefore it is useful to quote from a PMH Atwater book. Page 26 of the Big Book of Near-Death Experiences, by PMH Atwater, indicates that negative scenarios are:
“…Scenarios usually experienced by those who seem to have deeply suppressed or repressed guilt, fear, and anger…”
I relate to this statement. Below I hope to explain more about my guilt and shame.
I was being pushed around. I was confused. I indicated this couldn’t be the way. I was told, “This is the way we need to go. Come this way.” It became darker and worse. Bad beings were taking and getting energy from me. It was painful.
I was told to start praying. I did. As soon as I stopped I was again attacked. So I had to keep praying or “they” would start to attack again. Finally, all were gone. I was depleted. I remember looking up and seeing a small light.
My guide and I started up toward the light. I went through a long dark tunnel toward a bright light. There were loud noises, popping, cracking as we proceeded up the tunnel. Looking up I saw two beings in the distance who I knew to be Jesus and Mary. The light became brighter and brighter. When I got to the light, there was just light – Welcoming light beings were energy and not of any form.
Once in the light, I had a life review. I was asked, “What had I accomplished?” It was the small things that were important, like helping people. I saw my life flashing before my eyes which slowed down at points. I saw how I had treated people and interacted. I felt very guilty and very ashamed about things. I was assured that the overpowering guilt and shame was not mine to take or keep. My relationship with some relatives had caused the guilt and shame. I was loved. (At that point in my life I didn’t remember that I had been abused and this had caused the guilt and shame.) In my life review I didn’t see the abuse. I asked who or what had caused the guilt and shame. I was told, “You’ll work it out. You’ll find out who caused it later.” I asked again and got the same answer. This was frustrating.
Then I was asked, “Do you have any questions?” I answered that “No., I don’t really have any other questions. My first question wasn’t answered.” That is, I was not told who or what had caused the guilt and shame. (Boy. I am glad I wasn’t smote on the spot.)
There was a discussion about what should happen next. I said I wanted to go back to my wife.
We then went into a dark velvety light. It was a dark purple light. The purple was almost black, but was soft and velvety. I felt safe. I felt relieved, I didn’t feel guilty. I was very comforted.
I remember learning that all spirituality is good. No one belief system was better than the other. All are good.
I remember learning that, as people who have suffered injustice by others, other races were generally more spiritual. (I am Caucasian.)
I had access to knowledge. However, I understood I would soon forget it. There were things I would have to know, but they would come to me when I needed the knowledge.
I heard heavenly music. It was like harps. Then I was asked if I wanted to hear real heavenly music. I said yes. It was like low pitched chants.
I remember meeting but not “seeing” someone’s brother. I was to tell his sister that he was ok. I asked, “How am I going to know who to tell? Am I to ask everyone I met?” This seemed too much to ask. (Again, there was no smiting.) I was told not to worry, that I would meet his sister in due course. I was told that the brother’s name would not be on the memorial (it turned out to be the Vietnam Memorial), but that his name would be on the memorial. I was also told that the sister was a twin, but not a twin.
I had forgotten about this. In the mid eighties, I saw a picture of the Vietnam Memorial on the desk of a person who had helped train me. I said I liked the picture of the Vietnam Memorial. She said that this was not the Vietnam Memorial. Her brother had been killed in Laos. His name was not on the actual Vietnam Memorial. However, an Illinois veteran’s organization had a scale model of the memorial. His name was included on the scale model. I said, “Oh….”
During my next business trip, I told her that her brother was ok. She was very relieved and said that she had always wondered. He had not been very religious, but had been spiritual. I told her that I was puzzled about her being a twin, but not being a twin. She replied with a smile that, “Oh of course, that’s true. As kid’s, the neighbors always commented about us as twins because of our looks. However, of course, we were not actually twins.”
It was time to return. I was afraid that I would hear the same noises that I had heard when traveling up the tunnel. I was told it would not do me any harm and I would be ok. Then I returned. I remember getting back into my body. It felt like a tight squeeze.
I was in a coma for three days. While in a coma, I could not feel anything or see anything. I could hear and I knew that I had been given the last rites.
When I came out of the coma, I was bound to the bed so that I could not knock out any of the IV’s. I learned that I had meningitis and had almost died. After two weeks in intensive care and a week or two in a regular room, I was given thirty days sick leave. At home I could not make it from the first floor to the second floor with out resting twice while going up the stairs.
I returned to post after thirty days and was placed in a medical holding company. I met the man who had withdrawn the spinal fluid. He said, “Oh, yes I remember you. Your spinal fluid was like milk. It is usually like water. We didn’t even do any of the other tests for meningitis. We started the IV. I didn’t think I’d ever be seeing you again.”
I learned that death is not to be feared, that the spirit is eternal, that there is a higher power, and that the higher power is light and love.
Being on earth means being able to see, taste, smell, feel, and hear the higher power through nature and people.

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