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One of the internet's most comprehensive sites on the near-death phenomenon!


Dian: NDE TAPESTRY and AfterEffects

The scenarios of near-death experiences can vary greatly, even though the overall patterns remain consistent worldwide. Here is the case of Dian, who is alive today only because of a miracle. She should have died. Her case in long and involves two separate episodes that occurred during the same event. What is especially unusual is towards the end, when Dian discusses what happened once her experiences were over and she was back "on the job." Because of changes in her position, one boss knew and had worked with the "before" Dian, and the other, the "new" Dian. It was job evaluation time. The two bosses gave radically different evaluations of her performance; the first one not at all impressed with her and rather glum about her future prospects with the company. The second boss absolutely impressed with how smart she was, and considered her to be a valuable employee. The two bosses argued with each other, one countering the other, based on the "facts" of her employment. She never said anything about her close-call with death or her near-death experiences. This incident, completely documented and on file at her employment, illustrates how remarkably an experiencer can change - and in a substantial way. She wraps up her story with an explanation of time and the difference between how she experienced time on the "other side" versus this side. –PMH

Adam - "Why wait till you die to be enlightened?"

Transformative experiences come in all shapes and sizes, hardly just through near-death episodes. This one is briefly described, and involves the practice of Zen meditation. I'd like you to know about it because it is a "black light" experience, rather than involving the bright or white light most people are familiar with. I have discovered during my many years of researching the near-death phenomenon, that black light experiences are important in the unique way of how they affect people. Adam was profoundly changed by one. Here is his story. --
Dr. P.M.H.Atwater
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