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One of the internet's most comprehensive sites on the near-death phenomenon!

Dixie - "I Know That God Hears Me"

I was about 19 or 20 years old and went to give Plasma at a Blood Donor Facility. The process was really stressing me out for reasons I don't want to go into. Anyhow, at a moment of great stress while giving the Plasma, everything turned black. I was suddenly being shot through a black tunnel at a very fast rate of speed. It felt like a supersonic rollercoaster ride in a black tunnel. Suddenly my being came to a soft halt, and although it was dark I was not afraid and my first thought was "Wow, it is so warm and peaceful." As soon as I thought that thought, I was shot backwards through the tunnel again, so fast that when I shot back into my body (I am assuming), the halt was so forceful that I was nauseated and wanted to vomit.
Next thing I know my eyes are open and I am yelling for the tech's to get the damn needle out of my arm! They said they did not know what happened to me. The guy across from me who was also giving plasma said it looked like I had a seizure, he was laughing! I knew I blacked out from stress. Anyhow, it changed my life because I believe the Near Death stories because I have been in the tunnel and felt the peace and warmth. I just did not get very far to see the light.
I have had three other experiences. Once God inserted a thought into my mind. (He said "Dixie if I let you live it's your last chance.") This was during (time slowed down) an auto accident. I heeded his warning. Twice I have awoken in the night to evil spirits, I told them to get lost that I was a child of God and they had no business bugging me. When I said (actually thought) that they always left. Oh, and once a man was trying to kill me, (I had been hitchhiking cross country) I screamed to Jesus and felt this power of faith well up within me, while at the same time an invisible force subdued the man, to his and my amazement, long enough for me to get away.
Because of all of these events I know that God hears me, loves me, and has a purpose for my life. I am seeking his will and am anxious to fulfill my purpose.
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