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One of the internet's most comprehensive sites on the near-death phenomenon!

Clare- "The Alpha and Omega"

I recently went in to have surgery to remove a couple of nasty bugs from my stomach lining that were potentially life threatening. I recall the normal procedures of being prepped for surgery, wheeled through the hospital corridors, intermittent florescent lights blinding me as I was wheeled into the surgery room. I recall the anaetheologist stating what he was doing and putting the mask over my face asking me to count from 10 to 1. At this stage, as I neared closer to a sleep state, I recall hearing a loud “banging/thumping ” noise in my head (like the veins of my brain supply were protesting loudly to being shut down). At what stage of this procedure I am uncertain it occurred, but this is what I recall… I found myself floating in a uni-lateral manner like you see people paying money at fairs to be gravitationally spun around, upside down and all over. Now that I have had time to think about it, I liken it to the opening scene of the old 60’s/70’s show Time Tunnel. I appeared to be in this state of “oblivion” for a few moments, it didn’t really matter I guess because I was going with it – I had no choice. After what appeared to be moments of “astral travel” (I guess we could call it that), I found myself suspended in a “state of being”. There was no physical environment that I could “see” or scenery as such, not even a “white room” that I could speak of. It was just a “state of existence”. (A tricky concept to explain in our 2 dimensional world). Then, almost in a heart-beat, the environment changed once again. This time I saw a fairy-tale style crystal creation, like an ice made world or castle…. pure, 100% crystal with prisms of bright blinding light emitted from various angles depending where I viewed it. At the “base” of this “castle” was water, the clearest, purest water I had ever seen. Sheet-like in appearance, almost as if millions of crystal sheets had been placed strategically under the water. I found myself standing at the base of the “world” looking up and in. Again, moments later, I was greeted by 3 “identities” that approached me, touching me, no words were uttered, no thoughts encountered. I recall smiling, the widest smile I had ever mustered in my life – my subconscious mind knew who they were! I felt safe, secure, balanced, emotionally enriched, at peace, a tender, ever consuming, ever knowing, existence (I guess it would be termed in today’s language as “Bliss”). Before me stood Buddha, Ganesha and Jesus. Not my Dad, not my uncles or grand-parents, cousins and all who have passed over (God rest their souls), but 3 of the Ascended Masters. And we spoke, not by word of mouth, but by a language that seemed the only appropriate way to communicate – mind and heart (empathically). Intertwined Yellowy whisps of light/orbs encompassed them (I guessed these were Angels). It was like the Holy Trinity of Ascended Masters, standing before me and to be fair and equal to myself, I , was standing before them. How did I know who they were? I can only guess my time would have been wasted there if I didn’t J. I just did. Buddha appeared enrobed in a one-piece cloth-like golden robe, with a tree branch around his head and shoulders (a solid, large figure of a “man”). Ganesha, the Hindu Indian Elephant-headed deity/god, multiple arms, considered The God of Obstacles and wrapped in pants that appeared Sari style, orangey-yellow colour. And Jesus, (Sorry to say not the blue-eyed blond haired “man” you find in the movies) but more so brown eyes, middle-eastern (almost Lebanese) complexion, over 6 foot, drapesd in a “shroud”, like a one piece heshen cloth with a rope around his waist keeping it together. (LOL Yes, He had the Roman sandals on that looked at least “2007” years old – pretty worn J). What was I wearing? I had my hospital gown on - “backside” on show to the Angelic World. Nice. But there was a message or two from each one of them in my time there... Knowing who these “guys” were is no miracle in itself, “seeing” them, I feel, WAS. Again the communication was not verbally spoken, but in my mind the dialogue was audiosentient - clear as crystal. How do you ask a lifetime of questions in a short space of time? I can tell you the state I was in was not to ask for next weeks Lotto numbers, who was Shakespeare? Did he actually exist? No, I was silenced. I was there to listen. I was there to learn. Not one single question entered my head. It didn’t matter. Sadly, the saying is true, “At the end of the day, what does it matter?”. This is the dialogue that occurred: We are with the Alpha and the Omega, The Beginning and The End. The corridors of Universal Light and Light energies have been opened and the veil of isolation has been lifted. The game of Karma is now finished. You can step off the Karmic Wheel. You are free”. Make the world your playground, find your true identity, the real You, your Higher Self. Let go of blaming others and playing the victim. Ask for guidance and you will receive it. Discover that you are a being of Light and Love.” (They called me by a specific name, and for the life of me I cannot remember). You (name) are a physical conduit of Light energy. We enhance your existent Gift as you leave us and work your wonders amongst the Divine’s people. You are (name) a Light Worker and Healer. Open your mind and heart and step forward as the being that you are. Be it known that your own personal evolutional path is extremely critical. Link your Light to the birds that surround you. They are carriers of Light that migrate around the globe. Light Migration. It is the Key. Spreading Light to a world in peril and social decline. Old Fashioned values are critical to the compassion and continuation of this World. What is called old fashioned is from an era that was closer to the Ascended Masters when we walked the Earth. Why do humans have to reinvent the Wheel? It was not broken then so it need not be broken now. All denominations are part of the Family of Light. There is no “multiculturalism”. That is a term coined by those who seek to “pidgeon hole” individuals, for it is easier to slot a person into a group than truly Love them unconditionally and without ego. Soon, you will be joined by many. Millions of Lightbeings incarnating to assist this (at times) a backward, and hostile planet. Respect and honour the journey of the Soul. Respect and honour the Kingdoms of consciousness (religions). Respect and honour thine Self. Call upon St Germein to assist you. Call upon Lord Malchizadek, Lord Maitreya and Lord Jesus. We are all here to assist YOU!. We are here to help you. We are closer to your Being then you are humanly conscious of. We too walked this planet, bearing woes and troubles. We are remembered by mere example. Happy are those who do great works and are not remembered by people. NOTHING goes unnoticed in Spirits World. The All That Is is omnipresent and Just. You are a Master of Light. You are the Teacher amongst a “Sea” of Negative souls. You have already been told this but you chose not to believe. Why not believe something so beautiful as this, but quickly believe and accept all malice that comes your way?? Remember the power that you are. Remember the Christ within. Remember that you are a servant of The All That Is. Flow the energy through you and release it, through the palms of your hands, the soles of your feet and your base Chakra, through your Earthstar into the core of this planet Gaia so it can be used for Earth healing. Go now, for this is not your Time. We salute you. The Angelic Realm salutes you. Let your people know that we salute every being that walks the Earthly Plane…" Right about then I recall floating again, drifting away from the crystal creation, from Buddha, Ganesha and Jesus. The Light was dimming and I found myself falling back into pitch darkness… Whether it was then, or later, I started to arouse from the anesthetic into semi consciousness. The “link” was broken. I was waking up....
The Beginnings of Clare’s Near-Death Experience Aftereffects:
The incident occurred 4 weeks ago. I have noticed numerous things happening in my body. I feel like an "electric current" is flowing continually through my legs, from the pelvic bone down to my feet. It is an intense feeling and very very noticeable. Wherever i walk, no matter what medium i walk on (i.e. grass, concrete, wood etc) it is strong and flowing. Also, I have been experiencing what i would call "Euphoria" !! I am on an incredible "high" so happy that i too would liken it to "Bliss" or sheer exuberance for whatever reasons i do not know?! But it is a feeling not to missed for quids!! :) Perhaps this feeling could be likened to what the "pill poppers" use i.e. Ecstasy?? (never used them). I believe i have also increased in "empathic" abilities. On a couple of chat sites i go to, i have "picked up" the moods of people very quickly WITHOUT them having typed a word, to then when i have asked them how they are, they have validated my beliefs! And this is weird, but i seem to have many wild life critters "flocking" around me of late, birds especially, standing close to me and looking at me, signing to me or near me ( but this last one could be due to many external factors maybe they think i will feed them or give them water etc)
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