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One of the internet's most comprehensive sites on the near-death phenomenon!

Juliet's Sharing

JULIET'S SHARING: Material objects you cannot take with you to the Other Side, but friends and loved ones, you can! No, I am not referring to their physical form. Their essence and soul are very present on several dimensions simultaneously, because we are, indeed, interdimensional beings.
At this very moment, you've got a beautiful spirit form - sort of like a luminous bubble or orb - that exists simultaneously on other dimensions, true story! So, even though you have a physical form that you are using to give expression to your light on this plane, you're existing and operating in other realms at the same time. Yes, you're HUGE and didn't even realize it, did you? (grin) In fact - and I know I have shared this before - during my big NDE in the mid-1970s, I beheld a beautiful being approaching me right after I was told that I had to return to the earthplane to do further work. Of course, I was devastated at the mere thought of having to leave the Other Side and the warmth of that unconditional love surrounding me at all times, with no sense of fear or want whatsoever - only to be plunged (yes PLUNGED) into a dark and dreary realm full of fear, duality, destruction, and lies. The beautiful being stood before me, resembling an intricately detailed tapestry of light that formed an orb, and it was pouring so much love and healing sound into me. I knew that this was a gift being given me for my obliging to return to the earthplane. And I cannot tell you how utterly comforting that was to me!
A few years later, I met that beautiful being on the earthplane in his physical form, and we recognized each other instantly. This is possible because we recognize one's essence - which has got nothing to do with one's appearance on either plane. Thus, he has been a very special part of my life ever since, because he is a member of my soul cluster (or soul group). In fact, my daughter has also got a very special bond with him as well - again because we are part of the same soul cluster. So, it is true that it can happen both ways: we meet someone on this plane and recognize him or her in the Afterlife, or we can meet someone in the Afterlife first and then recognize him or her immediately upon encountering that individual on the physical plane.
Let me clarify, however, that one does not have to have an NDE in order to have such experiences of meeting special souls on the Other Side. No, indeed, as one can meet someone through dreams, and also while having an out-of-body experience (OBE), or in a trance state during meditation or as you're drifting off to sleep. It can also happen that you just simply feel a strong presence in your space, because, on a soul level, we already know one another and it's just a matter of when and how we connect on the various planes. I'll also state that the soul is neither male nor female; however, its essence can be expressed as predominately male or female. Michael Newton mentions this in his books, "Journey of Souls" and "Destiny of Souls" - very interesting. Also, soul clusters are mentioned by noted individuals such as Brian Weiss, M.D. and James Redfield - just to name a few.
Alas, I don't want people to be confused by thinking that there's just one plane of existence on the Other Side or Afterlife; there isn't! There are multiple dimensions and souls do traverse to various planes after transitioning - depending on one's level of soul maturity and awareness, as well as one's frame of mind at the time of one's transitioning.
In a huge way, it's no different than moving a house and what decisions you make, based on our current frame of mind, needs, desires, goals, aspirations, etc., and what you believe is possible. It is so much about our consciousness and being centered in love that determines the outcome or destination, as it were. So when I state that, while we cannot take material objects with us to the Other Side - thank goodness! - we can still be connected with those we love at all times. Alas, it's easier from the Other Side because our sight and options are not so limited or restricted as they are on the physical plane. Things become manifest and happen so much more quickly in the Afterlife than on this dense, physical plane, for obvious reasons.
As the Gregorian calendar year draws to a close and people celebrate the holiday centered on the rebirth of the sun and its various expressions, I want to acknowledge all of the precious souls with whom I've had the honor of crossing paths and connecting in such a special way. I may have precious little "stuff" or money, but that's just energy that is irrelevant to me anyway - not to mention, temporal. Whereas, all of you are treasures that will always be with me in one form or another, and I regard myself as supremely wealthy as a result.
My health continues to deteriorate and it is appearing as if I may not recover, so I need to find a place as soon as possible where I can have help and no longer be alone. I need to be able to rest and not push myself so hard to work, work, work, as I seem to be relentless in my drive to serve others and always "be there" for everyone, despite how I feel. I need to allow myself to rest and just BE now, and to listen.
Whatever happens to me and wherever I go, I'll know full well that I can take my precious treasures with me, because we are all in one another's heart. For this, I am eternally grateful!
I don't want to appear trite here, but I quite mean it when I say "I love you" and all that has been shared together. When people can start cherishing one another, rather than a heap o'stuff or monies, then we'll see this world turn around in a huge way.
From the vantage point of the northern hemisphere, we can welcome the New Light, which gives rise to the opportunity for all of us to share our sacred light.
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