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One of the internet's most comprehensive sites on the near-death phenomenon!

Len – "None of Us are Bodies"

Sixty-nine years ago, when I was 12, my mother and I went on a vacation to a resort hotel in the Dragons Mountains of South Africa. It was Christmas day and the hotel was holding a costume ball in the dance hall, which was immediately above the dining room.
I was dressed as a pirate, and, being adventurous, I stepped through a small door on one side of the dance hall into an attic room. However, there was no flooring in the attic room and I fell right through the ceiling of the dining room below, the ceiling being about 15 feet high. A group of about eight people were sitting around a table eating their Christmas dinner. My body fell right on the head of one of those people. Luckily for him, he was a rugby football player with a thick neck and was not hurt. However, as my body fell, I found myself floating up at the ceiling, watching the whole thing.
This floating sensation lasted only a couple of seconds while my body sprawled across the table, and came to rest on the floor on the other side of the table. At this point, I found myself back in my body. I got up and looked with interest at eight mouths hanging open with astonishment. I received a severe knee injury and was unable to go back to school for several months.
After this event, I knew for sure that none of us are bodies, and thus it was a great learning experience for me. It is interesting to note that although the event took place 69 years ago, the experience was so vivid that it seems to me that only five minutes have passed since then. ~Len.
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