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One of the internet's most comprehensive sites on the near-death phenomenon!

Lee - "Saved by a Being of Light"

The difference in my story from others is what happened after I got out of my body. I had gotten tired of the electric shocks being sent into my body, starting at my right temple area and sweeping over me. They didn't seem to be doing any good, since I was never able to call out for help or make any noise that would arouse a parent. I just wanted it to be over. So, remembering how I entered my body when I was an infant, I stood up and looked around.  It felt like I was standing in cool water. I swished around a bit ( I was only 9ish after all) and then started to walk around my room when a bright foggy light appeared over me and demanded I get back in.  I refused. Stated my reasons and started to explore once more, when a being behind me grabbed me and began attempting to force me back into my body. Since you're both a Mom and Grandmom, you know what the result was: Kid 10...Being ZIP. I was then at a standstill with the Light and It began to answer some of my questions. I had what I would call a life-preview and I agreed to go back if it meant that much to It, but It had to 'save me' since I had no way to save myself. If It saved me I would live the life It felt was so important. So the Being I had wrestled with helped me back into my body. I had to get back out and try again since the first time I had laid back in backwards and my hip was out of joint the second time. I knew if I stayed that way I would be lame the rest of my life. I recall my body was very cold, and the Light had to shock me again a few times to warm it back up. I was told to lift my hand and hit the wall beside my body that backed into my parent's clothes closet. I only had the energy to let it flop back onto the 'hitting'. No noise either. But my mother heard a sound and I was saved. I asked the Light who it was before it left...was it "God"? It just said I could call It that if I wanted. I never had any real religious training up until that point. At that time of my life both my parents were "undecided" on the topic. But I did remember what I had believed before I was born into this body. I believed in The Light, The Creator of ALL. That's who I always had followed before, so it was real easy to just continue from that point on. There never was a difference between the way The Light or the Being looked while I was out or in my body. The Light was always a fog of some sort. It moved...kinda whirled at times, faster as it left. The color of The Light changed too. Started out greenish gray...ended up a bright whitish yellow. I never did get to find out who the other being was. It had a body like I did. Hands, feet, arms and legs. But I, even while I was outside my body, couldn't see it. Just feel it as it touched me. I could see a blur, like heat waves, but that was all. And it never spoke. After, I began to have what I now know were ESP experiences. I didn't really understand what was happening because they were all involuntary, though I had known about this sort of thing before, but since I was a newborn in my bassinet I had never attempted to use them. I had been warned by a Being I would call a Light Form...maybe the same Being who tried to force me back into my body...not to use my "voice" since it would attract "them". The Being would never say who "them" were...just that the Beings like itself were here to lead humanity toward civilization and the Kingdom of Light and "they" weren't.  I was quite a bother to this Being as an infant. I kept calling out and asking questions until I got that warning. Guess I've stayed true to form through out, huh? I had never really been interested in books before. I hadn't been able to relate to any of the stories. They seemed simple and boring to me. But a year later I found my first science fiction, and from that point on I never would read anything else in the fiction area unless forced. They were the only stories that seemed to be about "real life" to me. I know you said on Coast-to-Coast Radio that the NDErs you've interviewed have all been infused with energy and displayed some talent enhancement. I don't think that's the case with me. I was always talented as an artist, but the life I agreed to live didn't involve any success in that. I was born with a congenital defect in my insulin receptors, and so that on top of my asthma has rendered me energy-depleted through out my life. But the reason I was given this body is clear, if I had a normal body I would have been able to have my own children...and I was to adopt my son, not birth him. If my body had been 'cured' of this affliction at age nine, I wouldn't have lived the Life that was so important. Anyhow, since my experience seemed slightly different, I thought I'd add it to your pile.  Love, Lee

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